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Be Intentional with your gift giving

Intentional Creations by YO LLC, is ready to assist you in bringing Joy to your lucky recipients. Don't just buy a gift be intentional about what you give. Lets build a custom arrangement, then well do all the heavy lifting and even deliver. Be intentional with your gift giving. We help small businesses and Realtors stay ahead of their game by helping them create a basket, bag or box that helps them showcase their brand and appreciate their clientele. Choose us because we help you shine while delivering a smile to  others.


About Us

Intentional Creations by YO LLC is owned and  run by enteprenuer Yolanda Martin. This business began as a way to show those closest to her that they were important  and loved. A way to create a smile. Many were  amazed when they discovered just  how well she knew them. With a simple basket filled with things that they loved, she was doing more than she realized. The custom touch developed more than a gift. By being intentional she was strengthening bonds, developing smiles where sadness lurked and strengthening relationships that needed attention. What started out as a hobby, has become her passion and she's delighted to share it with you. We’re proud to have produced many happy customers and look forward to continuing our work for many more to come! What are you waiting for? Who can you make smile today intentionally.


Super thoughtful gifts-My husband and mom loved the personalized baskets that we ordered. Thank you so much! I appreciate you.


I order frequently and I have yet to be disappointed. Thank you! I highly recommend.


Yolanda really cares about her customers.She made this process so easy and I was amazed with the end product. If that's not enough she delivers. You're awesome.I will be ordering again.



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Monday-Sunday 8am-8pm
Closed on holidays 
Delivery times vary based on customer need and distance of travel.


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480 430 9349


480 430 9349

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